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68 Jay St
68 Jay Street
Brooklyn, New york 11201
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April 20, 2018 7:00 PM
68 Jay St - Brooklyn, New york
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Stoned Seance: A Puff of the Paranormal

This 4/20, join us for the seance you'll never remember.

Paula "Stoney P" Taylor, (world-famous psychic) will lead the team through a "Leader-assisted séance". Paula will safely guide us through the purple-hazey spirit world, and allow us a chance to ask any souls or spirits present potinent questions. Don't be alarmed, our psychics are professionals and navigate the spiritual world with respect and positivity.

In addition, enjoy readings and workshops by psychics, tarot readers, and experts in all walks of the paranormal.

All-Inclusive Munchies & Activities


You can't have a stoned seance without munchies. - You

Indulge in a vast selection of stoner snacks curated by Culinary Guru Leona Preston. Leona will give you insight in to the world of cannibis cuisine, and maximizing your munch.

But we need a premium experience! Ask for Chef Michael.


  • Stoney Seance led by world famous sativa seer Psychic Paula Taylor.
    • Got a question for Hendrix or Elvis? We're going to get you those answers, straight from the spiritual source.
  • Group Spells!
    • Work together to cast a spell that will be amplified by our psychics, and our possibly altered states.
  • Readings by psychics and tarot masters, including Cin Vega, and Felice Azure.
  • Live Theremin lessons and music.
  • Special performance by Amazing Amy Yoga Dancer. She's "a frighteningly flexible, and creepily contorting creature". (Her words)
  • More on the way.


Questions > info@bkps.co

* Activities and performers subject to change. Typically hacks cancel last minute; it happens and we're sorry on their behalf.