Keweenaw Storytelling Center
215 5th Street
Calumet Township, Michigan 49913
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About this event

Using cut paper and the art of stop-motion animation, participants will bring Copper Country stories and history to life.   Participants may animate their own story or that of a Copper Country historical figure like Ana (Big Annie) Klobuchar-Clemenc or Alexander Agassiz.  Animations will be shared with the public at a later date in the summer.   This program was made possible with funding from the Michigan Humanities Council. Participants consent to having their photos taken for publicity purposes and if possible are asked to attend the film showing later in the summer.  Animation is a simple process but time-consuming.  Participants must be able to attend the full workshop.   Open studio will be available for those needing extra time to complete their projects.  Space is limited.  Participants may work on individual an individual or group project.   For more information contact Rebecca at realpeoplemedia@gmail.com 

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