Crystal Tea Room
100 East Penn Square
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107
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About this event

Mark your calendars for The Attic Youth Center’s 30th Anniversary WE SAY GAY-LA!

Join us Saturday, November 18th at The Crystal Tea Room along with 500 of the best LGBTQ advocates, performers, and friends as WE SAY GAY-LA!  In fact, come say ALL the amazing identities this community holds.  

With over 520 anti-LGBTQ bills proposed across the country, and daily threats to essential gender affirming care for youth, the theme of WE SAY GAY-LA promises to be an extraordinary celebration of LGBTQ+ joy and a tribute to our past, present, and future.  

We have a lot to celebrate!  The Attic has created opportunities for LGBTQ youth to grow into adults who are artists, lawyers, parents, teachers, activists, performers, newscasters, social workers, IT specialists, entrepreneurs, and leaders in myriad ways.  

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