9708 Gilespie St
9708 Gilespie Street
Las Vegas, Nevada 89183

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February 23, 2019 10:00 AM
9708 Gilespie St - Las Vegas, Nevada
Event Description

Aspects of Writing is hosting a six-hour seminar covering all aspects of the writing industry, including how to write, edit, publish and market your project. Our five panelist will present their experience in writing, Then, in a question and answer format, we will cover the topics of passion and purpose, social media, writing styles and layout, the different types of editing, how and where to self-publish, the advantages and disadvantages of having a traditional publisher in today's market, the importance of an author's website, how to book and conduct yourself during an Interview, funding your project, and the various ways to promote your work. A 30-minute break will include a light meal plus sodas/water. Notebook and pen will be provided. The cost of this course will also include a guaranteed radio interview upon completion of your book, free participation in a group book launching, free blog about your book, free book from each of the participating authors on the panel, and an easy to understand step-by-step brochure that covers the topics discussed at the event.