T.L. Storer Scout Reservation
1513 Province Road
Barnstead, New Hampshire 03218
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About this event

The Half Moon Sober Festival Inc. is a New England based, non-profit Tax-exempt Corporation. Our primary purpose is to provide an affordable alcohol and drug free environment in which individuals and\ families can come together to learn and grow. We accomplish this through a series of sober dances, comedy shows, and other social events leading up to an anual four-day multi-cultural camping experience on Memorial Day Weekend!

Through the barrage of media advertisements, both blatant and subliminal, society has come to associate recreation, professional sports, enjoyable living, etc. with the presence and consumption of alcoholic beverages and/or drugs. Examples include billboard ads, magazine ads, and radio and television commercials. We are trying to change societal attitudes like these through major events like the Half Moon Sober Festival.

Other organizations deal with the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse, and with the results such abuses bring; whereas we are promoting change at the core level. We are presenting an alternative to society’s attitude and tolerance toward the necessary inclusion of these substances in order to have a full and enjoyable life by doing the opposite. We are putting on a festival that includes a sampling of societal events in a fun, educational, recreational atmosphere, without the presence or necessity of alcohol or drugs.

See our website and facebook page for more details!!  https://halfmoonsober.org

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