The Farjo Hair Institute
70 Quay Street
Manchester, M3 3EJ

About this event

Creating a hair care product isn’t straightforward, finding your market, creating a brand, creating a quality product and ensuring you are compliant with the cosmetic regulations are only some of the hurdles you have to overcome, however, getting it right could add a valuable income stream to your clinic and create passive income which is separate to the time spent in your clinic. We look forward to hosting you and helping you and your business grow. The ITC are honored to co-present this workshop alongside the Cosmetic Cluster UK.

The Cosmetics Cluster UK is the first (and only) cluster for the cosmetics and beauty sector in the UK. We operate as a ‘network of networks’ facilitating collaboration and partnership between companies, individuals and organisations. We act as a bridge to connect companies along the whole value chain; from ‘research to retail’. Our goal is to help develop and support best practices and to solve industry challenges together.

CCUK will bring industry experts to the workshop who can help demystify the product development process as well as give insights into the various hurdles that you might encounter on the way.

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