American Legion Ballroom
2343 Riverside Drive
Gainesville, Georgia 30501

About this event


Indulge yourself in an enchanting evening at the most anticipated event of the season!

A great place to bring a date. An excellent place to find a date!


Laughter and Entertainment

Immerse yourself in a magical comedy performance that is sure to tickle your funny bone. 

Live Band Extravaganza

Dance the night away as a sensational live band takes the stage, filling the venue with soul-stirring melodies. 

Delectable Delights for the Palate

Savor the taste of an exquisite dinner buffet.

Dinner Service: 6:30 - 7:30 PM

Curated Music for Every Heart

Whether you're a fan of timeless classics or the latest hits, our musical selection will move your feet, touch your heart, and soothe your soul.

Funky Fresh, Dress to Impress, Ready to Party!

Dress to feel your best, whether it's Business Casual or To the Nines!

Ticket Information

Ballroom Seating: $80 per person - $155 per couple.


join us on February 3rd, 2024, as we transform the ordinary into the extraordinary at

The Ladies & Gents Valentine's Night of Entertainment


This event is open to the public. Seating is limited.

For questions, email thecoggents@gmail.com.

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