Event Details
July 12, 2019 9:00 AM
All Ages
Event Description

Linda Parelli Masterclass Clinic with Special Guest Patrick Handley Dates: July 12 & 13, 2019 and July 14 & 15, 2019 Location: Full Circle Farm, Newport NH This masterclass clinic with Linda Parelli is a great way to take your horsemanship to new heights as you focus on quality, harmonious riding and have a better connection on the ground and in the saddle. Join us as a rider or part of the gallery of spectators that will benefit from Linda’s specializations in Horsenality, Psychology, Fluidity and Finesse with her innovative and easy to understand approach to horsemanship. Interactive demonstrations as well as in depth coaching will leave you with the skills to continue developing the relationship that you dream of with your horse!

BONUS: Presenter Dr. Patrick Handley will teach with Linda Saturday and Sunday! Why people and horses do what they do and what to do about it. This year we will have Patrick Handley joining us on Saturday and Sunday! Dr. Patrick Handley is a licensed psychologist and author of the book, “INSIGHT into your unique personality strengths.” He and Linda Parelli co-created “Humanality” a positive inventory of behavioral patterns. He helps people identify their personality strengths and communicate better with others. Helping people build strong, lasting relationships with their co-workers, family, and friends, not to mention their horses!

Rider: Must be a Level 3 Parelli Graduate or above, showing your level 3 Certificate. Or must be a Stage 5 student or above from The Horse Ranch with Glenn Stewart. Catered dinner with Linda and/or Patrick (1 night per clinic, all 3 nights if you sign up for both clinics.) Triggers and Hot Buttons Pocket Guide. Stalling fee included. If you sign up 10 auditors (excluding VIP), get $250 off per clinic. All 10 must be signed up and money attached with application. Each clinic limited to 12 Riders.

VIP Experience: Includes VIP Parking, VIP Seating, VIP snack/drink area, Triggers and Hot Buttons Pocket Guide and catered dinner with Linda and/or Patrick (1 night per clinic, all 3 nights if you sign up for both clinics.) Limited to 25.

Gallery Auditor: This is a fantastic opportunity to learn from one of the leading Natural Horsemanship educators. Bring your notebook to fill with tons and tons of valuable information. You will also receive the Triggers and Hot Buttons Pocket Guide.