About this event

Sam will discuss his experiences recording nocturnal migration over his Shorewood home over the last three years (and counting). What started as a curiosity and an effort to build up his yard list has grown into a near obsession, and while some interesting finds were anticipated, results have been quite surprising! (Check out Sam's station’s eBird profile, “skcorboNFC” for some examples!). Incredible numbers of regular migrants have been joined by true rarities including several Wisconsin review species as well as some tantalizing mysteries that remain unidentified for now. He plans to not only share what has turned out to be quite an adventure, but also provide a tutorial for anyone interested in wading into the NFC (night flight call) world. Sam first opened up a field guide at around 5 years old and has considered himself a "birder" for over 30 years. He's a hobby birder with no training in field recording or audio technology who describes himself as "expert at being an amateur". He hopes his trials and tribulations might encourage others to take a swing at what has ultimately been a very rewarding addition to his birding experience.

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