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From Africa to the Americas
Olokun Alaragbo Festival is a cultural event honoring the sacred power of water and its power to sustain our lives. Olokun is the name of the spirit of the Ocean in the Yoruba and Edo traditions of West Africa. Olokun is the source of all water in the world and gives way to the adage, "Water had no enemies." While experienced as male and female, Olokun sacred mysteries are  most popularly known collectively as Mami Wata with a scope that extends across West Africa, the Caribbean, and in the United States. Olokun is related to spiritual and material wealth, emotional and psychological health, our connections to the spiritual and physical world. As a part of that are our soul connections we call Alaragbo that binds us to each other and nature itself. 
This event is especially created to honor our ties to Africa via the Atlantic Ocean. The African Atlantic people all over the world are connected via the Atlantic Ocean. Olokun is considered the patron divinity of African Diasporans because of this connection. We all came via Olokun whether by sky today or the belly of the ocean in the past. Our festival will celebrate our relationship to each other by bridging Continental Africans with African Diasporans in a celebration of shared unity. 
The Ooni Orisa His Imperial Majesty Oba Babatunde Enitan Ogunwusi Ajaja II (The Royal Father of Orisa) and his entourage along with Yeye Alaragbo Oodua ( The head of Alaragbo in Yorubaland are among those scheduled to attend. ( Pending US Consulate Visa approvals) 
Our Festival will be held in Savannah, Ga and Tybee Island, a significant area in the Gulluh Geechie Corridor and African American culture. 

Space is limited so the sooner you register for the event, the better. 
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