Scottish Rite Masonic Center
6151 H Street
Sacramento, California 95819

About this event

SAC GAMERS EXPO! We are a video game convention founded in 2015, created by gamers for gamers. Our show features special guests, game vendors and artists, game developers, tournaments, free to play games, a retro museum, arcade, and so much more! Sac Gamers Expo is a family oriented event for all levels of gamers!

Event highlights include special guests from the video gaming industry, Video Game voice actors, YouTubers and Twitch streamers, an exhibitor room full of vendors and artists selling video games and game related merchandise, indie game developers, an interactive museum, lots of consoles to play, a crayon coloring zone for kids, panels and workshops run by our special guests, and so much more. Please visit the SAC GAMERS EXPO website for more details!

Tickets for Sac Gamers Expo are non-refundable.

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