Fox and Lion Bread
3350 18th Street
San Francisco, California 94110

About this event

Spanish Wine Series

The Vinguard is holding a five-week series on Spanish wine, covering all wine regions and styles, as well as Basque ciders. Classes will be held on Monday nights starting at 6 pm beginning October 16 at Fox and Lion Bread Company in San Francisco. Each class will last about two hours, and ten wines will be tasted. 

The Vinguard Founder, Pamela Busch, will teach the classes—guest speakers to be announced. 


Oct 16: Catalunya 

Oct. 23: The Northeast: Rioja, Basque Region, including cider

Oct. 30: Galicia and Castilla y León

Nov. 6: The southwest: Andalucia, Extremadura, La Mancha

Nov. 13: The southeast, Balearic, and Canary Islands

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