The Edge Theater
5451 North Broadway
Chicago, Illinois 60640
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About this event

NEXUS...let's connect through tango!

ONE NIGHT ONLY! On the night before the International Day of Tango (12/11), Tango 21 Dance Theater celebrates the many connections that tango brings us! 


Join us in a night of tango music and dance performances featuring T21DT co-founders Jorge Niedas and Liz Sung, as well as company & ensemble members Robby Williams, Lloyd Natof, Hillary Leben, Amy Jill, Galina Obushinskaya, and Barron Gillon. Musicians Ann Cusack (composer/accordion), Janice Lee (violin), Amy Jill (piano), Sonia Oyola (vocals), and Bob Solone (piano) bring you tango tunes to ignite your imagination. 


Come check out our new works with physically integrated tango & folk dance, as well as a dance film premiere. 


Post-show, we'll have an introductory tango class and milonga (tango social dance)! EVERYBODY is welcome to dance! 


All proceeds benefit Tango 21 Dance Theater's 2023 season. We appreciate your support!

To make a tax deductible donation, please visit: https://fundraising.fracturedatlas.org/tango-21-dance-theater


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