The Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art
750 Marguerite Drive
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27106
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Thursday night and Sunday matinee shows have been cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience


This featured presentation is all about the desire to keep the family together. As the Hilton reunion rolled around, Saundra was a “no show”. What’s even more disheartening is that she missed a huge graduation party that had been thrown in her honor recognizing her achievement as Grandpa Joe’s first, great, great, great grandchild to graduate from college. The celebration was halted because she was nowhere to be found. All the gifts were returned to the store or given to someone else over the next few years, except THE PRESENT from her great, great, great grandpa Joe. Now, 20 Years later, another family reunion, and this is the year that Saundra realizes that there is really nothing like the family connection of love. For in this connection is the power to obtain more than hard work can ever afford. For the blessing of God maketh rich and He adds no sorrow with it.


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