Due to life events that need and deserve our time and attention right now we have decided to postpone our WOMEN & WORK event with Wise Women Wise Words on Oct 11. We trust you understand and look forward to hosting this meaningful conversation in 2024. Please stay tuned for information on our November 20 event when we will talk and write about ESTRANGEMENT. Thank you for your support and we hope to see you in the hive soon.

About this event

What words and thoughts come to mind when you think about your work in the world? Does it define you or do you define it? Did you create the life you wanted or are you still dreaming - hoping and wishing - about doing work that sustains you in a meaningful way?

Will I go broke, or should I go for broke?

Can I? Should I? Dare I?

What holds us back, and who holds us back?

What does the future hold for younger women?

What does the future hold for women who still have dreams...

in their 50's and 60's and yes, 70's and beyond?

So many questions - so many thoughts and ideas swirling around the notion of women and our work in the world. Stepping into the unknown heart first is both very scary and very exhilarating; planting your feet firmly on the ground knowing that your dreams are YOURS to achieve.

In this extraordinary community, our community, Wise Women Wise Words, we want to talk and write about all the ways we feel about our work.

Passion. Power. Money. Creativity. Ageism. Fear. Doubt. Dreams. Balance.

From our first jobs to our biggest dreams, the dreams we fulfilled, and yes, the dreams we gave up. How we deal with ageism and sexism in a world where wisdom and experience are not given the proper due. Let's talk about the women who lifted us up… and the women (and men) who stood in our way. The work we do as mothers and caregivers. The work we do in the world that gets attention… and that goes unnoticed.

Please join us and our Special Guests, Bonnie Marcus and Elizabeth Hines, two passionate and powerful women who have much wisdom, experience, and stories to share about putting their beautiful work in the world.

Let’s all share our stories of creating our own destiny, of re-invention and of courage. We want to open a dialogue about starting fresh and... starting over. At all ages. Let’s talk openly and truthfully about the dreams that got tucked into a drawer, and the ones we fought so very hard to achieve. We invite you to write about what sets your soul on fire, igniting what you thought was lost, and celebrate what you have created and achieved with your work in the world. Let’s write about the juggling of life’s ups and downs, while asking for what it is we want, demanding what we deserve - equality and equity - and not letting the word NO stop us.

See you in the hive.

Amy Ferris, Lisa Lucca, and Beth Broday

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