Haight Street Art Center
215 Haight Street
San Francisco, California 94102
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WINeFare 2023 is on June 10th at the Haight Street Art Center in San Francisco.

The Vinguard started WINeFare in 2018 to give women who work with natural wine a platform for their work AND provide a welcome and safe space where women identified wine consumers could taste and appreciate the work of other women. Everyone is welcome at the event; people of all genders attend and often comment on the pleasantness of the atmosphere.

The Vinguard is a 501c3 non-profit organization focused on social justice in the wine industry. Your ticket is tax deductible. 

No one will be turned away because of limited funds. You can purchase a pay-forward ticket or pay-forward half ticket, which we will allot towards scholarship tickets. 

56 Female-identified Wine Companies are participating, including:

Accenti Wines * AmByth Estate * âmevive * Amplify Wines * Amy Atwood Selections * Bisou! Bisou! Wines * Buddy Buddy Wine * Camins 2 Dreams * Catch and Release Wines * Champagne Lelarge-Pugeot * Donkey & Goat Winery * Emme Wines * Etteilla Wines * Everwild Wines * Five Flights Wines  and Spirits* Floraison Selections * Gonzales Wine Company * Hana Makgeolli * Hobo Wine Company * J. Brix Wine * Jenny & François Selections * Kareen Wine * Legend Australian Wine Imports * Loella Wine * Loop de Loop Wines * Lula * Mad Marvlus Wines * Maison des Plaisances * Margins Wine * Martha Stoumen Wines * Matthiasson Wines * Miscreant Wines * Oest Wines * Onward Wines * Osa Major Wines * Pielihueso * Pleb Winery * Raft Wines * Ram Cellars * Redfield Cider * Rock Paper Scissors Wine Imports * Roni Selects * Ruby Blanca Wines* Sans Wine Co. * Solminer Wine Co.* Stella Crinita * Sylvester/Rovine Selections * Terah Wine Co. * Terra Firma Wine Imports * Tessier Winery * Tilted Shed Ciderworks * Two Shepherds * Unturned Stone Wine * Vaievem Wine * Vero Vino Craft Wines* Vinifera Wine Marketing *Ward Four Wines * Yamachan Wine


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