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Sat, February 12, 2022 - 8:00 PM EST
All Ages

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After registering, a link to the virtual premiere will be sent out no later than morning of March 27th for our March 27th at 4 pm show. No refunds!

We are re-releasing Living Truth to add more stories and context to the show as well as captions and ASL. Abilities Dance in collaboration with Fairmount Cultural Corridor interviewed artists and community members of Uphams Corner on their identities and place in community and translated these themes into movement. This show explores what is both uniquely Uphams Corner and commonalities across all communities where we live our truths. New England Film Orchestra has offered their string quartet to play with our composer Robert Gross's original compositions. Founder Ellice Patterson choreographed and led the artistic direction of the performance. Amber Pearcy edited our audio descriptions. 


  • Caroline Bradbury
  • Dara Capley
  • Caitlyn Knowles
  • Claire Lane
  • Linda Lin
  • Erin Murphy
  • Kate O'Day

To make this program possible, funding from the MCC CIP grant and Foley Hoag Foundation supported our work. 

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