The Baha'i Faith Plano Center
4200 Hedgcoxe Road
Plano, Texas 75024

About this event


The Better World Concert is a FREE event that combines community building, elevated conversations, and uplifting music to inspire attendees to contribute to the betterment of the world!

Hosted by Baha'i-inspired, changemaker rapper, Colby Jeffers!



Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, changemaker rapper, Colby Jeffers, has a mission to uplift, educate, and inspire others to contribute to the betterment of the world.

Colby’s discography includes an impressive collection of 7 albums, all channeling his powerful messages of oneness, unity, justice, love, spirituality, and service to humanity.

He also knows how to rock the crowd, shining as an emcee when he performs live. Colby often performs in and around Phoenix, Arizona and has also toured throughout the Southwest and beyond, always engaging the audience with his captivating songs and delivery.

Colby’s artistry draws from a diverse range of influences, from hip hop legends, to changemakers, as well as a variety of faith-inspired artists. He is always striving to sharpen his craft and learn how to best use his creative talents to serve humanity.

Beyond his music, Colby is deeply devoted to his family, as a husband and father of 3, Colby also has served as a mentor for a number of youth and junior youth in his local community through the Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program. He also regularly facilitates rap writing workshops for youth as a teaching artist. In 2020, his dedication to both art and community service was recognized with the prestigious Martin Luther King “Living The Dream” award by the City of Phoenix. 

Colby recently launched the “Better World” concert series, which aims to spark discussions around the theme of “Contributing to the Betterment of the World.” These events include facilitated discussions followed by a concert where Colby gets the audience inspired to make a positive change!

The “Better World Concert" series began in Phoenix, and Colby is now taking the concert series around the country!

Colby Jeffers’ music provides a guiding light toward unity, justice, and service to humanity, offering an uplifting soundtrack for all on their journey to a better world.



“This is good, inspiring music…” – 12 News Phoenix

“Colby’s music is…awesome!” – Baha’i Blog

“[Colby’s music] is a must have for the youth in your community.” – 9 Star Media



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