Courtyard Corvallis
400 Southwest 1st Street
Corvallis, Oregon 97333
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Visiting Corvallis? New?
Here for OSU or OSU start?
Or are you a long-time local who knows you've got more to learn?

Let Engage Corvallis welcome you!

This captivating walking adventure covers an hour of Corvallis' most significant and pivotal history.

Dynamic storytelling reveals:

  • what Montana has to do with the Willamette Valley being a major agricultural center
  • what made Pacific Northwest beavers once the most special in the world
  • why the Oregon Trail became a household name
  • what it took to establish a town in the 1800s
  • how immigrants impacted native Kalapuya
  • the cause of the biggest financial collapse in the town's history
  • how asphalt shaped the town
  • an unsettling role Corvallis played in WWII
  • how Corvallis is connected to the Panama Canal

Our adventure begins in the air-conditioned lobby of the Courtyard Marriott.  

We look forward to introducing you to Corvallis!

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