The Midtown District
4432-A Middlebrook Pike
Knoxville, Tennessee 37909

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Sun, October 24, 2021 - 8:00 PM EST
The Midtown District - Knoxville, Tennessee
Event Description

Available performance times: Friday, October 22 9 & 11pm; Saturday, October 23 9 & 11pm; Sunday, October 24 6 & 8pm - choose your time from the dropdown menu located at the top left of the screen.


Are you brave enough to complete the “Doll Crawl”??? 


In 1952, the historic Slowburn Industries Doll Factory in Knoxville, TN closed suddenly, with no explanation. Prior to the unexpected close, Slowburn Industries was the mastermind behind such popular dolls as Baby Night-Night, Sissy Knows Best, Rockabye Rosie, and Lil’ Peekaboo. Now, their plastic limbs litter the floors as cobwebs and other night creatures take over the building.


The abandoned doll factory used to be a popular drinking and makeout spot for local teenagers until 2001, when five teenagers met gruesome deaths inside the factory. Sole survivor Mary Jane Payne claims the “dolls did it.” Local officials never found the killers.    


Now, Mary Jane Payne returns to the doll factory, determined to find the dolls that murdered her friends … and she’s inviting YOU to come along on the DOLL CRAWL! Just be sure to watch your step … their eyes are always watching! 


“A Night at the Doll Factory” is a chilling immersive theatrical event featuring scares, dance, and spine-tingling surprises from The Katharine Slowburn Experience that runs one hour. Attendees must be 21+. Each tour is limited to 20 brave souls.


COVID-19 Protocols: We require that all guests wear masks for safety - COVID, cobwebs and clown dolls, oh my! Hardhats also available (and sanitized) for those wanting extra protection against things that go bump in the night.


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