About this event

Every two months, book club members meet to discuss their latest pick, which is always a novel that takes place in the world of the performing arts! All are welcome to join.

In October, we will have a hybrid meeting to discuss our latest read, with members joining us in person at Guild Hall and online on Zoom!

Please RSVP by emailing karen@actorsguild.org


In our next selection, the 1994 sci-fi novel Remake, Hugo and Nebula Award-winner Connie Willis explores a dystopian near future, when CGI and AI sampling have reduced the movie industry to software manipulation that remakes and repackages films of the past. Anything is possible with just a few keystrokes. Anything except what one starry-eyed young woman wants to do: dance in the movies.


PS: EAG will get 10% of sales if you buy your book at this link: bookshop.org/a/80943/9780553374377

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