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Thu, July 22, 2021 - 7:00 PM
All Ages
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Sometimes amidst all of the chaos, the hatred, the violence, and the eternal struggle for survival, something beautiful emerges to grab our attention and to give us a brief respite from all the suffering and the pain.

This year, M'Sai Productions and the Episcopal Actors’ Guild are collaborating on a production of 4 beautiful love stories.

Courting Candle
Written by JoAnn Yeoman
Directed by Omar M’Sai
with Maya Ling Pruitt as Faye and Adeyinka Adebola as Ben

"You think you've experience a stress-filled first date--think again!"


Hot Potato
Written by Bonita Elery
Directed by Omar M’Sai
with Tonia Anderson as Zora, Marci Occhino as Prue, and Maya Ling Pruitt as the Waitress

"When two friends meet for lunch, one friend drops a bombshell that will change both of their lives forever!!"


Lazarus House 
Written by David Johnston
Directed by Omar M’Sai
with Amelia V. Anderson as Sue and Chris Chinn as Bob

A short comedy about what happens after a miraculous recovery sends a woman out of hospice care and into the world.


Written by Mervyn Kaufman
Directed by Elowyn Castle
with Betsy Ross as Lettie and Frank Hankey as Ernest

"In the pre-dawn darkness of their suburban living room, a long-married couple plumb the truths in their relationship and establish the hope that they can move ahead successfully in their life together."