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Thu, June 24, 2021 - 6:00 PM
All Ages
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Does your speaking voice let you down? Does it not allow you to be truly who you are? Do you feel that it could do more for you to express what you both think and feel, as well as your intentions?  That it does not express the totality of yourself in all kinds of different life situations?

If you are looking for ways of developing and strengthening your voice, this introductory course can put you on that path: it offers creative and playful keys that are at the same time entirely practical and can lead to rapid changes in the quality of your voice.

It is first and foremost for anyone seeking to transform their voice, to bring new life and expression to it and to build true individual self-confidence through discovering its power and beauty. You can achieve amazing things with your voice!

 It is also for lecturers and public speakers, even in the simplest of settings, offers writers new insights into speaking their own writings and helps storytellers, poets and any other performers working with the spoken word, both online and in person, to give freshness and vitality to whatever words they choose to speak.

Please join me for four 90-minute sessions to explore the foundations of this approach, first developed 100 years ago but as fresh today as it was then. Please be prepared to engage in gentle movement in the sessions and bring four lines of a simple text, such as a nursery rhyme or simple story or fable, that you know by heart and will be comfortable playing with, in as many ways as your creativity allows!