First Presbyterian Church
230 West Rusk Street
Tyler, Texas 75701

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Sat, May 14, 2022 - 7:30 PM CST
First Presbyterian Church - Tyler, Texas
Event Description

One of Mozart’s greatest and most beautiful works, Requiem, K. 626, also turned out to be his last. As the story goes, Mozart was presented with a mysterious request from an unknown patron to compose a Requiem Mass. Unfortunately Mozart died before the work could be completed. In fact he only had one movement (Introitus) fully scored at the time of his death. Knowing that the patron would not send final payment without a complete work, Mozart’s widow Constanze had one of his students Franz Xaver Süssmayer finish the composition. Intrigue and mystery aside, Mozart’s Requiem remains a masterwork par excellence.

Tyler Civic Chorale and Orchestra
Weston Jennings, artistic director