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Improv and BDSM - “how to get out of your head and fully into a scene”


PLEASE NOTE - this is a ticketed event! To confirm your spot - purchase your ticket before the class

545 8th Ave, Suite 1015

Has this ever happened to you?

How many times have you blanked out while having the best intentions of being fully present in a hot sexy scene, only to blank out and freeze up?

Did you ever wish you could generate wild, fun engaging characters who convincingly engage with your partner in the bedroom or a dungeon without it feeling stilted or awkward?

With “Improv for Kinky People”, you will use the fundamental tools of improvisation to create a kinky scene or role-play in which you will take a journey into the belly of the improv beast and out of it - giddy with new tools for your roles/scenes that will bring sparkle, spontaneity to your play, life, and beyond.

In this 6-hour intensive class, MDB will guide you into a world of curiosity, uninhibited imagination and the true joy of “getting out of your head and into the scene”

(Note: maximum attendance is 15)



Mistress DiamondBlu is an award-winning photographer, cinematographer, writer and director (for theater and film), trained actor and improviser, and Professional Dominatrix from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She acquired her BA in creative writing and BFA in film production from Concordia University, but for the past 20 years she has been and continues to be a passionate student of theatre and improv.

She has studied improv with world-renowned international teachers such Jill Bernardt, Patti Stiles, Joe Bill and Ruth Zaporah (Action Theatre); spent years under the guidance of the contemporary clown / Bouffon greats, Massimo Agostinelli (Cirque du Soleil) and Nathaniel Justiniano (Naked Bouffon Empire), as well as local talents Alain Mercieca and Sandi Armstrong from Montreal’s famous Theatre Saint Catherine and Mark Rowland, Vinnie Francois, and James McGee from Montreal Improv.

Her performing credits include many host performances of Montreal’s longest running burlesque shows - Candyass Cabaret; has been an improviser at Theatre Saint Catherine and Montreal Improv; a stand-up comic at Yuk Yuk’s, The Wiggle Room and Montreal’s international comedy club -The Comedy Nest and Dangerfield’s in New York City; a theatre actor in multiple theatre productions, including the nationally recognized Montreal International Fringe Festival and Zoofest/Off-Just for Laughs and Montreal ComiCom 2019.

Not only this, but for more than a decade, she has explored the realm of spiritual healing through her journey as a Reiki Master and Shamanic practitioner. It was not until her cancer diagnosis five years ago that MDB shifted her perspectives on life and career, feeling a call to merge her experience in the healing arts and improvisation/acting with BDSM. She believes that every energy exchange is sacred and holds within it the possibilities of profound, effortless and divine transformation.

‘Improv for Kinky People’ has been offered in New York City through The Kink Collective’s “People Before Kink (PBK)” and Montreal’s 16th Annual Fetish Weekend.

‘Improv for Kinky People’ will tour in Berlin, Germany and Madrid, Spain in the fall of 2023.

If you have any questions about the event, please contact the organiser by email at:  ImprovForKinkyPeople@gmail.com

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