First Free Methodist Church
3200 3rd Avenue West
Seattle, Washington 98119
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Join us for an exciting collaboration between The Sound Ensemble, the Northwest Edvard Grieg Society and Common Tone Music! We'll be featuring incredible works by current and past Norwegian Composers, the wonderful Laura Loge and a World Premier from Steven Luksan.

Miniatry Suite - Anne Marie Ørbeck (6')

Isomere - Anna Berg (9')

Gjendines Bådenlåt - Agnes Ida Pettersen (3')

           Soloist: Laura Loge

Syv Sanger, Op. 16 - David Monrad Johansen (16')

           Soloist: Laura Loge


Holberg Suite, Op. 40 - Edvard Grieg (20')

New Work - Steven Luksan (10')

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