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Wine Classes: Introduction to Wine

This ten-week series will cover the globe of wine and introduce students to the fundamentals of tasting. Our classes incorporate a multicultural perspective and take a deep dive into the histories of wine regions, along with tastings and current trends in regions. Each class will last about 2.5 hours with one 10-minute break. We will taste at least eight wines (usually more) during each session.


Certification is available to students who complete a project. While this is optional, it is a great way to expand your knowledge. Last year, two students created a Natural Wine Zine, which Shitty Wine Memes and other outlets are now selling.


$795 for the 10-week series

$85 for individual classes


Black Friday Special (ends December 1, 2023)

$650 for the 10-week series (15% discount)

$72 for individual classes (15% discount)

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