About this event

Join me for a three-part seminar exploring the dynamics of working with adolescents and their parents, framed through the prism of Contemporary Self Psychology and Winnicottian Theory. Whether you are an established therapist specializing in teens and their parents, a newcomer to adolescent psychotherapy, or someone seeking insights into recognizing similar developmental struggles in adults, this course aims to enhance your understanding of the technical and developmental challenges of effectively addressing resistant adolescents and skeptical parents. 
Throughout the sessions, we will address topics such as establishing a therapeutic frame with parents and adolescents, navigating common pitfalls that can disrupt an otherwise productive treatment alliance with a teen, and effectively communicating with adolescents about their distress and symptoms. For example, I plan to discuss strategies for handling scenarios where teens refuse to engage or insist that “everything is fine.” I also intend to illustrate interventions for situations such as when teens fall asleep or text during sessions. Moreover, we will explore the developmental significance of adolescents wanting to share movies or videos. 
Equally important is the involvement of parents in the treatment process. We will discuss balancing confidentiality with adolescents while maintaining a working alliance with their parents. We will also address challenges from parents who may question how you work with their teens or want a quick fix. 
This course introduces a model based on contemporary Self-psychology and Winnicottian theory. Instead of exclusively concentrating on verbal insight and interpreting resistance, we explore the developmental necessity of adolescent defenses. I aim to assist you in decoding symptoms and non-verbal cues, highlighting the importance of incorporating playfulness and humor when addressing typical adolescent resistance and defiance.

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