About this event

Thanks to the generous support of the Missoula Community, I am thrilled to announce the first concert of the Missoula Chamber Music Collective!
​Come see the Great Falls Symphony's Cascade Quartet  playing with Missoula's own:
Caitlin Cisler (soprano), Jesse Dochnahl (saxophone), and Brendan McGlynn (trumpet)

Concert Program:
Jauchzet Gott BWV 51  by JS Bach

Oblivion by Astor Piazzolla 
4 Children's Songs by Chick Corea
Soprano Quintet by Grant Harville
Xingu by Liduino Pitombeira
And So and Other Song by Caroline Shaw

Remember, this is just the beginning. The more you give, the more music you get! 
Donate today for our next concert!

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