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Bella Vita Farm, LLC
4901 Brookeville Road
Brookeville, Maryland 20833
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Relax & Unwind; Mother's Day Sound Immersion Saturday 

Relax  and unwind from a busy week, centering and clearing your mind for the week ahead and in celebration of Mom. 
Join Bella Vita Farm and Stephanie Lynne in Brookeville, MD for a beautiful sound journey experience. We will be nestled in a gorgeous 1870’s barn on the Bella Vita Estate for this epic event. 

Sound vibration opens and clears the energetic pathways, also known as meridians. The vibrations are felt on and throughout the body. As the meridians open and energy flows freely we can experience relief from body pain, stress reduction, anxiety lessens, and mind chatter can drop away, as well as improved sleep and balanced emotional cycles,  can occur.  

As the flow of sound vibration washes over and within, you may experience a meditative rest or you may travel along the waves for a shamanic, dream-like journey.

This is a safe container of deeply held space. Each instrument has been curated with intention for the specific aesthetic, energy, and healing aspects. Candlelight, gongs, crystal and Himalayan singing bowls, shamanic and djembe drums, Native American style flutes, chimes, and crystals all play a role to raise the vibrational space and assist in your relaxation and transformation.   

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