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In partnership with The Nave, the Out North Fringe Festival presents: Moving Through the Boreal Forest - a performative work consisting of light projection, percussion, puppetry, field recordings, and poetry that explores the artists' relationships with the forest. Maïté, Sean and Daryl invite you to walk with them and take the time to see, listen, and be present within this environment.

Doors at 7:30pm. 

FREE WORKSHOP OPPORTUNITY - Get creative with the artists behind Moving Through the Boreal Forest! For Children 8+ and Adults: Join us for a Mini Moving Through the Boreal Forest experience: youth and family will be taken through various aspects of light/shadow motion, puppetry, poetry, and percussion playing in a fun and engaging hands-on workshop.

⏰April 20th 1-3pm
📍The Nave
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More on Moving Through the Boreal Forest: Maïté’s use of two projectors, as well as direct movable lights, allows her to build up visual compositions by layering organic materials with paper cutouts and translucent materials. Together, Maïté and Sean have created their composition in two cycles: one of separately exploring and collecting while learning from ITOC scientists, and another of collaborative story building and content generation, influencing one another's work through constant artistic discussions: music triggering imagery and imagery triggering music. They invited Daryl Farmer to add poetry to further explore the resonance between sight and sound with text. For him, the writing process begins not on the page, but in awareness: of the sensory details that surround us, and of the way that place inhabits our lives, thoughts, ideas and memories. Language is a means of reflecting on and making tangible the senses and emotions that time in the boreal forest evokes. 

Phyllocnistis populiella

A short string puppet story from the perspective of a small aspen serpentine leaf miner moth. Inspired by an ITOC talk by biologist Dr. Pat Doak, Maïté developed this story in three phases: first by building a wooden string puppet to expose the complexity yet fragility of the moth; then by creating a short clip mixing  drawings, animations, pictures and video she made over the summer to depict the life cycle of the moth; and finally by writing a short text to give a voice to her puppet. Sean Dowgray created an audio work utilizing percussion and field recordings to accompany the piece.

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