Out North Theater
411 D Street
Anchorage, Alaska 99501

About this event

GLOOP is a lifestyle. GLOOP is a brand. GLOOP is a modality. GLOOP is Glamorous Ladies of Opulent Persuasion. GLOOP is Carla Rossi and Pepper Pepper—Portland, Oregon’s premier avant-garde drag duo—bringing you a 90-minute, partially improvised drag explosion sending up whiteness and wellness culture.

In GLOOP, Carla and Pepper are slated to lead a psychedelic wellness seminar in Sedona until their party bus runs out of gas at Out North in Anchorage where they're left with no choice but to teach homodalities and hole-istic healing practices — and all before the mushrooms kick in. Tackling art therapy, micro-dosing, land acknowledgments, and demonstrating what it looks like when a drag queen has a meltdown while lipsyncing on an actively inflating airbed, GLOOP will teach you how to overcome (and monetize) your limiting beliefs through a gauntlet of spectacularly unhinged drag from two of Portland's most beloved grifters.

Doors @ 7pm

Mature content, viewer discretion advised


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