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March 3, 2021 12:00 PM
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March 3, 10, 17, 24 | Wednesdays, 12-1pm Pacific Standard Time


A monthly practice to support our hearts as we human on.


Thoughtfully curated practices comprised of trauma-informed yoga, writing and mindful inquiry informed by somatic science and soulfulness.


A space and practice where the physical movement supports your emotional state.


Our body is a treasure chest of resources that can help us survive, contain, bear and even befriend grief. We find these resources through physical experience but they affect psychological health. 


Using compassionate curiosity we invite grief out of solitary confinement and into connection and community using movement and words, expanding the container that holds our experience from the bottom up. Each month, over four sessions, we will explore our relationship to grief and begin to understand how it lives in us and how we can live with it.


Moving from the outside in allows the body to resource itself and move at its own pace, contracting and expanding in harmony with the truth of our experience of loss and love without rushing or overriding the body's intelligent survival responses.


Led by Monique Minahan, trauma-informed yoga teacher, Somatic Experiencing practitioner-in-training, and creator of The Grief Practice


Classes are held on Zoom. Recordings of the classes are provided to all who register.


Classes include full-body movement. 


BIPOC full scholarships available.

Sliding scale available.

Email requests to thegriefpractice@gmail.com


*This class is not psychotherapeutic in nature or a replacement for mental health care.