Encore Theatre and Gallery
213 Gadsden Highway
Birmingham, Alabama 35235

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Thu, April 14, 2022 - 7:00 PM CST
Encore Theatre and Gallery - Birmingham, Alabama
Event Description

From writer & director Marc Raby alongside the musical direction of celebrated producer Dee Hill, comes the urban stage play "Grown Man Issues". 


All he wants is a chance. A chance to be his own man with the woman he loves and has married. He is adamant not to be dependent on her success. Instead, he wants to create the life he's always wanted for the both of them. A future greatly different from his past.She has degrees and beauty, and he has a past with rough edges. They are, nevertheless, a loving pair. Just as he thought he'd found the break he'd been looking for, he's confronted with yesterday's problems. What is he to do when his intentions are honorable and his devotion is genuine, yet his past refuses to let him move on?


A stage play infused with R&B and Soul.


Adult Subject Matter | Strong Language