Smoke House Restaurant
4420 Lakeside Drive
Burbank, California 91505
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George & Tom


Marc Scott Zicree (Author, TV Writer, Screenwriter & Producer)


Saturday, September 17, 2022, at Noon  

Smoke House Restaurant

4420 Lakeside Drive, Burbank, Ca  91505  

This is an afternoon you don’t want to miss. Join National Talk Show Host George Noory, Coast To Coast AM Senior Producer Tom Danheiser, and special guest, Science Fiction Author, Television Writer, and Screen Writer Marc Scott Zicree for a live interview and banquet style luncheon that is all things Hollywood, Star Trek, and Twilight Zone.

George will interview Marc live as you enjoy your meal with a group of like-minded people!

 (Please note: This is not an on-air broadcast; it is a live interview for those in attendance ONLY.)

Marc has written for such shows as Star Trek - The Next Generation; Deep Space Nine; Babylon 5; Sliders; He-Man; Smurfs; Superfriends and The Real Ghostbusters.

This Luncheon will focus on The Twilight Zone, Star Trek, and the workings of Hollywood. Learn about and discuss your favorite episodes, movies, and TV shows as you enjoy lunch from a special menu put together by the amazing chefs at Smoke House Restaurant. 

Get ready for Mingling, Photo Opportunities, and a ton of fun!

A live Q&A will follow the interview.

Dress is business casual.

Note from Producers:

The health and well-being of those who attend our events are the most important things to us – we will follow all guidelines set forth by health officials at the time of this event!


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