Southbound Brewing Company
107 East Lathrop Avenue
Savannah, Georgia 31415

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Event Details
Sat, May 15, 2021 - 2:00 PM
Southbound Brewing Company - Savannah, Georgia
All Ages
Event Description
Join us at the brewery May 15th for the 2nd annual cornhole tournament with One Love Animal Rescue, Support a great cause, win prizes and glory for your team.
TICKET: Tickets can be purchased online at: https://ticketstripe.com/onelove_cornhole  $20 for singles, $30 per team. Winning team gets 25% of the entrance fees.
Decide who goes first then take turns throwing bags with your opponent. You throw one bag, then your opponent, then you, then your opponent, etc. Your feet may not go past the front edge of the board. Also, a tossed bag may not touch the ground. If it hits the ground and bounces up on the board, remove it before any other bags are thrown. If its hanging off the board and touching the ground, remove that as well. When all 8 bags have been tossed to the other side, add up the score (see scoring below). If you earned the most points in that single round, your team will throw first in the next round.
Scoring is simple. After all bags have been thrown, a bag remaining on the board is worth 1 point. A bag that went in the hole is worth 3 points. Add up how many points you earned and compare them to your opponents. Equal points cancel each other out so that only one team can score per round. For example, if you scored 5 points and your opponent scored 3, you will add 2 points to your overall score and your team will throw first in the next round. If you scored 6 points and your opponent scored 6 as well, there will be no points awarded and whoever threw first in the last round will throw first again. A game is won when a team reaches 21 points with a lead of 2 or more points.
Of course plenty of beer from Southbound Brewery as well as food from Smokerz BBQ cooked fresh onsite. Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Smoked mac 'n cheese and a delicious Smoked Pineapple upside down cake for dessert. Water and sodas available as well.
RAFFLES: Purchase an open arm length of raffles tickets for $20 and try your luck at some fabulous raffles items we will have available.
ONE LOVE ADOPTION: One Love Dog available will be enjoying the kiddie pools and entertaining the crowd. Perhaps you could meet your newest family member or learn more about how you can help the homeless animals in our community.
Looking forward to seeing everyone!