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Sat, February 26, 2022 - 7:00 PM EST
All Ages
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Raíces presents “Poesía, Cuento y Canción/Poetry, Story and Song” featruring Victoria Pérez at Pausa Art House. Conceived and Directed by María Pérez-Gómez. “Poesía, Cuento y Canción” highlights our featured artists’ journey from Puerto Rico to the United States. Victoria will cover music genres such as: bolero, tango, música jíbara, nueva trova and more. Her repertoire also includes original poetry and stories in which she shares her values and experiences relating to family, tradition, culture, her late father, Rafael Pérez and her artistic career. Join Victoria for this wonderful celebration and discover the intricate beauty of her life thus far viewed via her lenses in exquisite artistic form.

Rafael Pérez, Guitar
Nelson Rivera, Saxophone
Pedro Rodríguez, Percussion

STREAMING EVENT: A live capture of the performance to watch from the comfort of your home!
📷 Photo by Rafael C. Mencía
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