The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Marquee Night Club
3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV, Nevada 89109
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Sun, September 5, 2021 - 6:00 AM PST
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Marquee Night Club - Las Vegas, NV, Nevada

About this event

Pick up locations: TBD: YOUR HOST WILL INFORM YOU OF YOUR PICKUP POINT and TIME 48hours PRIOR TO TRIP. We are working to make your pickup destination as close to you as possible.

1st Pick up is at 630am

2nd Pick up off 15 and Summit is around 8am

.PLEASE DO NOT BE LATE. WE WILL LEAVE PROMPTLY 15 MINUTES AFTER PICK UP TIME. Tickets are non-refundable. Prior to boarding waivers must be signed (included as attachment) The bus: Top of the line, 50 seat charter bus with overhead compartments and a bathroom inside (NO #2s!). CD and DVD player. A/C. Individual outlets available per seat. All items will be safely stored on bus and/or undercarriage and kept while you are enjoying the pool party. Dress code: Just like with any other "club" there is a dress code. Basically, less is best. Pool and beach attire is a MUST. Sandals, shorts, tank tops, bikinis, sunglasses... you get the point. Do not come in jeans and work boots. This is a pool party. Backpacks and bags are OK if they are not extremely huge. Lockers are available at the pool party for a $40 daily fee. Guys: BOARD SHORTS or TRUNKS are mandatory! You will not be let in with jean or cargo shorts. Please be aware. Conduct: Number 1- A POSITIVE, MATURE ATTITUDE. This is particularly important since one bad apple can spoil the bunch. If you are bringing someone I do not know, you are vouching for them just like I'm vouching for you. Please take note* if pool party management deems you unable to enter the premise, you are stuck outside until the end of the trip. Please, manage your conduct and pace yourself. The key word is COMPOSURE. Moving on... What to bring: - Valid ID - money (cash or credit) - proper attire - sunglasses - sunblock - sandals - Blankets and pillows are fine for the ride up and back. There is storage space above seats, as well as an undercarriage, where your belongings will be safe. - pool parties provide towels to use while inside the venue. - DRINKS are permitted on the bus (they better be!). You are encouraged to bring a small cooler that will fit nicely next to you or in the aisle (w/o completely blocking it). Please bring a CUP w/ A LID. It sucks when people spill on everything, and it gets sticky. Please bring cans when possible. Snacks and water are encouraged, as well. - YOUR WAIVER signed and dated. Itinerary: - Pick up at, tentatively, 6:30AM from first destination - one short, stop at either Barstow, Baker, or rest stop (if agreed upon). - Arrive at pool party around noon ... PARTY TIME! - Back to drop off point at 6:30PMish (or designated time) - Bus leaves back to LA at 7PMish - We get back to first approx. after Midnight For more info contact 714 702 5868

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