Blue Gallery
222 East 46th Street
New York, New York 10017

About this event

Celebrate 3 Decades of Peculiar Works with Us!

Over 30 artists are revisiting our history in theater, dance, live music, and visual art. We're installing a dozen of them throughout the Blue Gallery, a historic 160-year-old space a short walk from Grand Central Terminal. Explore this warren of peculiar rooms and discover a performance event not to be missed.

"You have to be insane or geniuses to keep a theatre going in NYC for 30 years. Maybe a bit of both :)" — Kelly O'Donnell, director 3Christs (2014)

Come hang out with us for a couple of hours and decide for yourself!

For an even more peculiar evening, join us for a special VIP reception from 6-7 featuring a musical performance and champagne toast.

Come raise a glass with us, have a nosh, and roam the gallery to discover mini-jewels from our productions. It's going to be a magical celebration—30 years in the making!

Photo at left: Our inaugural production—October 21, 1993—a double-bill of adaptations: Barry Rowell's Before I Wake (Dracula) and David Koren's Quazimodo! (The Hunchback of Notre-Dame). Photos by Barbara Yoshida.

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