Community Re:Center
910 E Keefe Ave.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212

About this event

UPGRADED LOCATION: The People's 1st Convention venue has been upgraded to Casablanca, located at 728 E Brady St., Milwaukee WI 53202.
The People's 1st Convention is a festival for families, local organizations, and community members to build stronger bonds. It’s especially important in Wisconsin to amplify the voices of people on the bottom, people that aren’t represented by Trump or Biden, as the corporate parties try to woo the swing state voters. The organizations involved agreed we want to get all the people together that don’t want to support the Democrats or the Republicans, and let them know they’re not fighting by themselves.
We are excited to welcome important figures like Dr. Jill Stein and Dr. Cornel West, and many more will be announced in the weeks ahead.
There will be a focus on civic engagement, as well as voter registration education accompanied by live music, artists, food and drinks, and the highlight of the event will be a debate with third party presidential candidates.
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