Keweenaw Storytelling Center
215 5th Street
Calumet Township, Michigan 49913
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About this event

Singer-songwriter Penny Shute Menze kicks off the 2022 Season of Real People Media's Voice Box Sessions.  The Voice Box Sessions is a singer-songwriter concert series that provides community enrichment and mentorship via young and emerging artists via an open-mic following the featured professional performer.   

Country Roots Artist, Penny Menze, originally from the upper Peninsula of Michigan, was raised in Arizona and ended up following her musical dream to Nashville, Tennessee, and finally fully circle, back to Michigan.   “I loved the outdoors in Arizona, living like a cowgirl, playing music in old saw-dust, dancehall bars”. After years of playing in country bands, Penny made the move to Nashville, where she received the rest of her music education…. In the school of hard knocks.  “I made a living playing downtown Nashville.  Meeting fellow artists and tourists from around the world, dreamers and doers”.  Teaming up with Grammy bluegrass musicians, Penny recorded “Planes, Trains, Trucks, Lovin’ and Leavin’ album in 2009.  Now Penny is following her roots and is currently working on a concept album.  A story album that takes place in the Copper Country of Michigan.  A story of Croatian emigrants, Copper Mines, WWI, labor unrest and of course a love story… how ultimately, taking care of your roots, take care of you.  All of this, and how it translates into music.  Her life has been a country song.   


Bring your guitar, banjo, ukulele, etc. and join our open mic following the featured performer.  The Voice Box Sessions provides a supportive family friendly venue for all artists.  Artists of all ages and abilities are welcome!

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