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Sat, November 25, 2017 - 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
All Ages
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In this class, we will create a custom handwoven necklace from start to finish. This is a great introduction to the fiber art of weaving and no experience is required. We will cover how to set up a loom, how to weave with varying stitches including basic tabby weave and soumak, how to add fringe, and how to finish your weaving to make it wearable. The possibilities are endless for this project and woven necklaces make great gifts to give or keep. All tools will be provided.

BIO: Lindsey Jo Scott is a color-obsessed artist and designer living and working in Akron, Ohio. She discovered weaving while studying pattern design and print making and taught herself the old-school craft by checking out nearly every book available at her local library. Lindsey Jo combines her love of making with her work as a yoga teacher, believing that creating and experiencing art are both practices to be present and fully alive. To learn more about Lindsey Jo, check out: www.lindseyjoscott.com

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