916 Navarre Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana 70124
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About this event

Escape the rigors of the 9 to 5 workweek, put on your best Hawaiian or Jazz Fest style shirt, and join us for the WYES Gala on Thursday, May 9. #wyesgala2024

Thursday, May 9, 2024 
WYES Paulette and Frank Stewart Innovation Center for Educational Media, 916 Navarre Avenue, New Orleans

Patron - 7pm admission | $500 per person (includes Gala admission)
General Gala - 8pm admission | $200 per person  

**Junior Patron and Gala prices are available for ages 21-40
Junior Patron  $225 (includes Gala admission) | Junior Gala $100

More exciting details coming soon! ​​​​​​

Purchase your tickets or sponsorship online or contact WYES at (504) 486-5511 to pay via check or over the phone.

$2,500 FINS Sponsor — 4 Patron Tickets + Digital + Print + Broadcast benefits 
$3,500 SON OF A SON OF A SAILOR Specialty Sponsor (only 4-6 available – Ex: Cheeseburgers, Margaritas, Hawaiian leis, etc.)- 4 Patron tickets + Additional benefits
$5,000 CHANGES IN LATITUDES, CHANGES IN ATTITUDES Sponsor— 6 Patron Tickets + Digital + Print + Broadcast benefits 
$5,000 INVITATION Sponsor - 6 Patron Tickets + Digital + Print + Broadcast benefits (only 1 available)
$5,000 AUCTION Sponsor - 6 Patron Tickets + Digital + Print + Broadcast benefits (only 1 available)
$7,500 ENTERTAINMENT Sponsor — 6 Patron Tickets + 2 Gala Tickets + Digital + Print + Broadcast benefits 
$10,000 CHEESEBURGER IN PARADISE Sponsor - 8 Patron Tickets + Digital + Print + Broadcast benefits 
$15,000 MARGARITAVILLE Sponsor - 10 Patron Tickets + 4 Gala Tickets + Digital + Print + Broadcast benefits 

To become a Gala sponsor at any of these levels, please contact Jim Tapley and Kerri Blache or call WYES during business hours at (504) 486-5511.  

Thank you to this year's Gala Co-Chairs:
Alicia and Douglas Higginbotham, Erin and JP Hymel, and Alison Toussaint-LeBeaux

Additional thanks to Gala Auction Committee chairs:
Dreda and Conor Lutkewitte

Thank you to our Gala Committee:
Markey and Len Aucoin
Louis Bartels
Helaine and Ned Benjamin
Mary Beth Benjamin
Amanda and Ryan Berger
Rayne and Robert Bories
Allie and Duncan Brown
Stephanie and Ryan Burks
Dorothy Clyne
Abby and Cameron Currie
Ashley and Charles de la Vergne
Eileen and Joey Devall
Liza and Filippo Feoli
Lauren and Bryan Fitzpatrick
Millie and David Gaines
Caroline Boone Graham
Laurie Guimont
Lizzie and Timmy Guiza
Catherine and Will Hales
Nancy and Stephen Hales
Carol and John Hall
Juli Miller Hart
Tina and Ryan Hebert
Jennifer and Fred Heebe
Sarah and Marshall Hevron
Maria and Noel Johnson
Benjamin Karp
Karyn and Bill Kearney
Megan and David Kepper
Carrie and Anton Knapp
Michael Landis and Katherine Duncan
C.C. and Bill Langenstein
Kristen and Paul Leonard
Danielle LeSeur
Dreda and Conor Lutkewitte - Auction Committee Co-Chairs
Kyle Lutkewitte
Lynn and Digges Morgan
Sarah and Phillip Petitto
Cleland and Claudia Powell
Anne and Edmund Redd
Andy Rinker
Janie and Billy Rippner
Mark Romig and David Briggs
Amy and Corey Rougelout
Lori and Bobby Savoie
Brittany and Clancy Stumpf
Chenier Taylor
Irma Thomas
Clarence Reginald Toussaint
Tommy Westervelt
Anne and John Woodward
Sarah Worsley

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