Glove Theatre
42 North Main Street
Gloversville, New York 12078

About this event

The 518 Concert Series continues with the fabulous Insolent Willies!

The Insolent Willies are an upstate New York-based roots-rock band known for their hip-shaking mix of quirky, clever original music and unpredictable covers. The band's current lineup includes:
- Bill Ackerbauer (acoustic guitar, harmonica, fiddle, vocals)
- Frank DeVer Pullen (bass, mandolin, banjo, vocals)
​- Paul Gavry (accordion, fiddle, vocals)
- Evan Gavry (guitars, percussion, vocals)

The Insolent Willies occasionally play with a rotating cast of guest musicians, including: 
- Mike Gowans (guitar)
- Jenny Harder (trumpet, percussion)
- Dusty Elmer (drums, banjo)

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