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JMac's welcomes back the soulful & "electric" Christian Lopez to the stage. And that's saying a lot because it's all acoustic! Lopez has a refreshing and comfortable stage presence backed by clever lyrics with a rhythym and heartbeat all his own. Simply put: Don't miss this show!

Lopez isn’t merely riding the wave of Americana, the West Virginian native is bending it to its knees. As the son of a music teacher, he was learning piano and guitar by the time he was in kindergarten, and he recorded his debut album, produced by Americana super-producer Dave Cobb (Jason Isbell, Chris Stapleton) when he was just 18.

Rolling Stone has said Christian landed on a sound that flies straight through multiple eras of rock, pop, and country.

Followed up by his sophomore album, "Red Arrow", in 2017, Lopez featured guest collaborators like Vince Gill & Kenneth Pattengale, garnering him a wider audience and setting him up for the national touring life he lives today.

In 2021, Lopez released his 3rd studio album, "The Other Side", alongside producer Robert Adam Stevenson, eventually teaming up for, "Magdalena" in 2023 written and recorded in Magdalena, NM.

Christian recently made his OPRY debut and debuted his latest single, I'm Not Alone. A song he says he dedicates to all the 'hopeless romantics'.  He makes his second Opry appearance July 3rd with Steve Earle & Meghan Patrick. More

Date: June 30th
Ticket: $25
Show Time: 7p-9p (doors open at 6p)

Website - www.ChristianLopezMusic.com

Website - https://www.facebook.com/Clopezmusic/

Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/artist/1KiDbdT8AHOwmlA0LwhpQc

Press - http://christianlopezmusic.com/press

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB5wh9b7i6eJ_A2mNbVa2zg

Live Performance (solo) - https://youtu.be/0mPWH-eAxjU


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