Alexandria History Museum at the Lyceum
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Alexandria, Virginia 22314

About this event

Brian Conway, one of the finest fiddlers in Irish music today, is a three-time All-Ireland champion.  Born in the Bronx to parents who had both emigrated from County Tyrone, Brian is a New York fiddler whose playing comes straight from heart of the Sligo tradition. Brian's early mentors include Martin Wynne and Andy McGann who got their tunes right from Michael Coleman, Paddy Killoran, "Professor Morrison" and that crowd.  The Irish ethnic community in New York City kept alive and developed the traditions of the old country, and Brian received tunes and tutelage from the best of them.  His respect for the tradition have allowed some to label him a musical conservative, but he's really a musical conservationist preserving and passing along the best of the past while melding it with the talent and imagination of the present, and making it his own music. 

Brian is joined by Brendan Dolan, a superb pianist, keyboardist, flutist, and whistle player.  Brendan is the son of renowned Irish-traditional pianist Felix Dolan. He has worked with accordionist John Whelan, singer/songwriter Cathie Ryan, Andy Statman, Itzhak Perlman, and the group Atlantic Bridge, which also featured former Solas vocalist Karan Casey. He frequently scores music for various Cable TV companies, including MTV and The Discovery Channel, and in 1995 co-scored the Samuel Golden film "Go Fish."  


Brian and Brendan will also offer workshops for intermediate to advanced students on Sligo-style fiddling (Brian) and either flute or piano accompaniment (Brendan) earlier in the day at a location in Alexandria, VA.


Doors open at 7:00 PM

Concert at 7:30 PM

Links to artists:  

Brian Conway

Brian and Brendan in concert


Questions:  alex@morrisdance.org

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