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What has two ends and no beginning? What’s restraining when wrapped, liberating when climbed, and musical when plucked? What makes it possible to traverse time and make meaning out of the arbitrary? 

THREADS is a circus paean to the fibers that intertwine to make up our lives and universe, that connect us and string together our story. We live in a wondrous tapestry of unfathomable intricacy; it’s composed of the shimmering webs of spiders, the unseen mycelial network under our feet, the strands of DNA winding through uncountable generations, the strings of characters that make up our stories, and the invisible bonds of love that link us together.  Pendant, taut, and resonant, the cast of acrobats weave their stories together via the fiber-centric movement arts of aerial rope, trapeze, slackrope, and hair-suspension, all set to a soulful score played by chanteuse and multi-instrumentalist, Kamila. 

Performers: Akrasia Abrogast, Ivanna Wei, Erika Bergren, Emma Cady, Madison Ward, Ezra Fellini, Leila Noone, Christine Morano, Kamila Nasr, and Terry Crane

Artistic Direction: Terry Crane; Choreography: Christine Morano; Live Music: Kamila Nasr

*Threads includes the sound of a gunshot.
*The Wednesday, February 21 8pm show will be masks-required so that members of our circus community who are immuno-compromised may attend a show. If you attending this performance you must wear a mask in the theater.

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