Deertrees Theatre
156 Deertrees Road
Harrison, Maine 04040
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Sat, June 19, 2021 - 12:00 PM
Deertrees Theatre - Harrison, Maine
All Ages
About this event

Psychic Fair and Magic

Deertrees Theatre will present music, art, magic and psychic thrills!  Come explore and learn about the theatre and have your cards read or your fortune told.  There will be outdoor rock painting for the kids with music and snacks in the Salt Lick Cafe.  Two short shows by master magician Phil Smith of Abracadabra Productions will be presented!  

"A magical time IS guaranteed for all... "  Get your tickets early! 

 OUR MAGICIAN:  Phil Smith, master magician, entertains children, and adults. He entertains at homes, schools, and many other settings from Maine to Boston and beyond. Smith is a ‘kid at heart,’ which makes his magic dazzle everyone.  abracadabraprod.com

Our Psychic Readers


Psychic reader Carol McPhail has been reading for those who are seeking advice from the other side for many years. She is empathetic and will inform you the messages she hears so you can move forward in your life with comfort and confidence. The messages received are delivered with compassionate honesty. Get a peek behind the curtains so you have the power to help you traverse the obstacles on your path.


​Psychic Timothy Reagan can help you to navigate through life’s trials and triumphs. A Witch and psychic for many years, his uncanny abilities pierce the veil, allowing him to peer into past, present and future. Timothy can advise and aid in all areas, including relationships and emotions that go with them. Timothy is the Co-owner of Pentagram in Salem Massachusetts. 


​Psychic reader Alicia Santello can help guide you through life’s many obstacles. As a psychic for many years. She can help you find where you are on your path, and help you see which way to go to further your journey.


​Nickolas is a Third Degree Traditional Witch who has been reading Tarot and other forms of divination for over 40 years. He specializes in giving psychic advice in relation to career as well as relationships.
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