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"Tipping Points with Halcyon String Quartet and the Center for an Ecology-Based Economy"

TIPPING POINTS PROGRAM:  Tipping Points is a 60-minute multimedia performance combining live string quartet music with synchronous film. The performance explores the environmental, social, and economic drivers of climate change while encouraging audiences to reflect on the ways that the media, economy, and persistent messaging around sustainability, growth, and the future shape our everyday behavior. Tipping Points will feature music by Rafiq Bhatia, Caroline Shaw, Hildegard von Bingen, Beethoven, and Bartok alongside film by Rockland-based videographer and musician, Luke Fatora.

The Center for an Ecology-Based Economy engages the community in addressing the climate emergency. We organize, educate, take direct action, and implement practical, ecological solutions for a just transition to a thriving, regenerative economy. Located in Norway, Maine, we welcome volunteers to support us in realizing our greatest potential as a community and creating a future where all can thrive. Find out more at www.ecologybasedeconomy.org or @ecologybasedeconomy on social media.

HALCYON:  Halcyon is a Maine-based artist collective and string quartet that designs and presents multimedia performances that combine live music with science, film, art, and spoken word. These performances celebrate Maine's ecosystems and reflect on the challenges and opportunities we face in a climate-changed world. They draw attention to the daily challenges, rewards, and realities facing our communities – acknowledging the need for creative and diverse communication that harnesses the power of cultural traditions, storytelling, music, and visual art to translate numbers and facts into something tangible and human. Halcyon partners with scientists, musicians, artists, and composers to present 4-5 multi-show performance projects throughout Maine each year. 

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