Penn Bowling & Social Club
10 Manor Road
Wolverhampton, WV4 5PY
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About this event

This talk, presented by Derek Mills and Professor Clive Holes, covers the All Saints neighbourhood in Wolverhampton and is based on the duo's 2023 book of the same name.

Both Derek and Clive (not those ones) are natives of the All Saints area and the talk will cover growing up in the area, All Saints Church, St Joseph’s Secondary School, and many more locations. The duo will look at the neighbourhood's history, its industries, its society, the war years, immigration in the post war period – and its modern decline and (who knows) its future regeneration. The talk is informed by the oral histories of residents, past and present, backed up by research in the City Archives, school log books, local and national newspapers and national census data.

About the Venue

For 2024, we will be based at Penn Bowling Club, 10 Manor Road, Penn, Wolverhampton, WV4 5PY. The venue is fully wheelchair accessible, has good parking, toilet facilities and a bar. For users of public transport, the 15/16 bus routes along the Penn Road can be followed by a short walk up Manor Road to the venue.

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